Sunday, March 11, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

The insanity continues! Within 2 months of finishing the RR, I bought the Chiclet. And a few months before finishing the Chiclet, I bought number 3 - a 1947 Ken Skill teardrop! About a year ago, I was talking with some friends while sitting around a campfire. We were talking about our various trailer projects. I happened to mention that I might like to restore a teardrop. Well, just so happened that a friend of a friend had one for sale. A few phone calls later, I was bringing one home!
It is completely disassembled & missing all of the trim parts & wheels. But the basics are there: the frame with a new axle & reinforced with new angle iron, a sheet of 4 x 10 plywood for the floor, 2 sheets of 4 x 10 plywood already cut to size for the sides, all the original aluminum skin & 2 doors. I'll need to rebuild the hatch. The cool thing about restoring teardrops - you can buy reproductions of most of the parts. New trim pieces, windows, wheels, appliances & lights are all available online. I've already decided to keep it really simple - no electrical, propane or plumbing systems. I've found my little battery operated LED light fixtures are sufficient. I don't want to take up precious space in the "galley" with a sink, icebox or stove. So it should be just basic construction. Famous last words, huh?!!
My best camp buddy Marti completely rebuilt her teardrop. And my Dad could probably put it all together in a few days. Maybe I'll be able to get one of them to come & help me get it started : )
Since my trailers are getting smaller & older, I'm not sure what would be next. Guess I better get the teardrop started before even thinking about picking up just one more ...

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  1. You're becoming the “cat lady” of trailers. At this rate you'll end up on "Extreme Hoarders" buried under a mountain of aluminum sheeting and 1/8” birch plywood. Most campers collect trinkets from the places they visit; you collect campers!